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    She just looked at him in puzzlement. She doesn’t have to do anything, she doesn’t have to stop him, let alone run after him. The assessment has been worked out, it is pointless to wish for something else. She is the same as those who were with him before. The dark figure disappeared around the corner, and hateful tears flowed from her eyes, youthful maximalism and rash acts take over. She, at the speed of light, which she was, rushes forward and runs as fast as possible in the hope that he has not left yet.
    Come on, not small, we’ll meet at the hotel. We dance with the girl, we talk. That’s what small town means. At lunch we stopped at the hotel, and in the evening they tell me who I am and what, for what need in this town. By the way, we met. Lyudmila. Rostika is small, puffy, rather reddish than any other color. But who, women, will figure them out when there are so many hair dyes on the shelves of the store. And fashion. If redheads are in fashion, then everything is in a row. To look at the hair on the pussy, it would be more accurate to say. So about the figure. Tits are decent.
    – Not like you.
    That would be the number! the husband laughed. Yes, he would probably have finished on the spot, from such beauty.
    Miiiishshshshshaaaaa!!!, all she could do was scream… It’s good that it wasn’t coffee or tea, but orange juice… Misha apologized as sincerely and candidly as he could. I ran and brought two towels so that Angelina Romanovna could dry off … Yellow stains on the blouse and linen from the juice were visible … Angelina Romanovna said that she urgently needed to rinse the linen before it dried out and went to the bathroom for laundry on the go. When she rinsed, she returned to the room naked, asking Misha to turn away, leaving the bathroom, giving him her stretched one to hang out to dry on the balcony. It’s good that it was hot and there was hope that everything would dry out in a couple of hours.
    Oh well … she tried to hush up his suspicions, afraid that he knew everything.
    This day broke my whole life for me, after it for many years, day after day, I remember this event, which there was not a day that I did not regret. And it all happened because of my own stupidity. Celebrating my husband’s birthday, I saw how he escorted his cousin to the exit, whom he kissed on the cheek when he opened the door.
    I finished again, I just can’t believe it, ”Verochka admired.
    At breakfast, a young man approached me, said that he had already seen me several times, that his room was right next to me, and that it would be nice to get to know each other, since we were destined to be neighbors. I readily agreed, because during this time I did not find myself more or less close friends there.

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